Sizing Help

All of our brands use European/Scandi sizing. It’s much easier, I find, because it is based on the length/height of the child from head to toe. I’ve included the sizing charts for our brands below.

Many items have an extended cuff that can be folded over for a smaller child and then unfolded later.

Just like all other clothes, our brands all have their own quirks and differ in some way. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

**Quick tip** If your child is 98 cm tall and you want some growing room, I’d search for anything with 104 in the size.


Quick Rough Guide for AVERAGE sized kids:

62 – 0-3m

68 – 3-6m

74 –  6-9m

80 –  9-12m

86 –  12-18m

92 –  18-24m

98 –  up to 3y

104 – up to 4y

110 – up to 5y

116 – up to 6y

122 – up to 7y

128 – up to 8y

134 –  up to 9y

140 – up to 10y